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Gabor Fall 2015 – What's Not to Love?

The overall idea for my new Fall Collection is to take six classic styles – the ones that women request most often – and refresh them to be completely modern. The looks are salon-inspired, and no design aspect is overly exaggerated, appealing to women who appreciate understated elegance. Soft layers throughout each style offer beautiful versatility…wear them smooth and sleek, or amp them up by running your fingers through the layers. The new lifestyle photography shows these wigs “in action”, if you will, to illustrate how you can go out into your daily lives with these wigs and not have to worry that they won’t look natural.



It's All About That Face!

The best way to start is by determining your face shape. Look in the mirror to find which illustration on this chart looks most like your face shape, then read across to see which haircuts and Gabor wig styles will look best for your face shape. When browsing the Gabor collections, you’ll see every Gabor wig has a style description that includes a list of the face shapes it suits best.



High Fashion for a Low Forehead

It can be challenging to wear a wig if you have a low forehead. One way to approach the situation is to select a wig that does not have a lace front hairline. It is also important to select a color that best matches your own. If you like to wear your hair off of your face, you can “slice” out a small portion of your natural hair in the front and brush it into the front of the wig and style it into place with some hairspray. This will allow you to blend your own natural hairline’s position into the wig to create a natural appearance. If your hair is too fine to do that, I recommend selecting a style with a bang/fringe. In this case, you can move the wig just slightly past your own hairline and style the fringe forward to conceal your natural hairline. Have the fringe on your wig professionally trimmed so that once you have it in a position you prefer, your bangs will fall effortlessly into place and properly frame your face shape.



Choosing a Hair Color? Get Some Skin in the Game!

Hair colors are basically divided into warm tones and cool tones. The key is to find the appropriate color tone for your skin. Unless you are purchasing a wig for a fun fashion affect, you’ll want to be careful about making dramatic change. It is usually best to stay relatively close to the natural light level of your hair.







Ash tones
Red tones

Reds, golds and warm tones
Ash tones and warm tones




Gold tones
Ash tones
Ash tones

Ash tones, cool reds
Reds, warm and gold tones
Most tones look good



Ash tones, gold tones
Ash tones

Warm, neutral
Most tones look good