Gabor Wigs Q&A

Q: What makes Gabor wigs so comfortable?

A: The exclusive Personal Fit™ cap is the basis of every Gabor Next and Gabor Luxury wig. This special construction is the ultimate in light comfort and dependable fit. Instead of the wide lace used in most of today's wigs, Gabor wigs have a thinner, more resilient stretch material that actually molds to the shape of the head for a lighter, more secure fit. This means that your Gabor wig will feel so natural and comfortable, you'll think it was custom made just for you!

Q: What’s the difference between Gabor Plus Colors and Gabor Luminous Colors?

A: Gabor wig styles made with Gabor Plus shades have face-framing highlights and lowlights in the front that gradually progress to deeper and richer hues at the nape. Gabor Luminous colors are created by hand blending tone-on-tone hues to create a perfect balance of subtle depth and natural-looking highlights.

Q: How do Gabor wigs look so natural?

A: HairUWear’s exclusive FlexLite® fiber is used for all Gabor wigs. This fine, 24-denier synthetic hair is beautifully lightweight and provides excellent coverage whether your Gabor wig selection is available in the dramatic, face-framing Gabor Plus shades or the tone-on-tone colorations of the Gabor Luminous range.

Q: Can I use regular rollers to style my Gabor wig?

A: Yes! Velcro or plastic rollers can be used on synthetic, non-heat friendly wigs. Although you will not achieve a major change if you are looking to tighten the curl pattern, setting a Gabor wig made with Flexlite® fiber can add a little lift to the root area of the fiber and it can also help to smooth out the wig overall. The best way to do this is to create neat sections, mist the section with a medium hold laquer hairspray, and over project the roller, wind down so the roller is slightly above the base section. Let this stand as long as possible, overnight preferred. Once removed, you will note a slight lift to the base and a softer wave overall.

Q: What can I do if my Gabor hairpiece has more shine than my natural hair?

A: When synthetic wigs are packaged, a light setting mist is worked into the fiber to keep it from binding during shipment. If the piece looks too shiny and you need a quick fix, a dusting of talc brushed through the hair can help. If you have the time, a gentle shampoo and cold water rinse should remove any setting products. 

Q: What kind of brush should I use to style my Gabor wig?

A: Brush your Gabor wig or hairpiece with a wire brush. This will “bring the fiber to life” and help with styling it in a direction that works best. Eventually the piece will develop a “memory” and style up for you with less effort.

Q: Can the top-of-head hairpiece "Top Tier" be customized?

A: Top Tier is sized to fit many different head shapes and may need a little customizing to properly accent your head shape and facial features. Also, it is made with a hair density that falls within an average range. If the density is too heavy, this can be customized to create a fullness that works best with your own natural hair density and create a more flawless blend.