DAILY MOISTURE SHAMPOO – fresh hair every day

The shampoo for gentle daily care. Daily Moisture is for all hair types with an emphasis on dry ends and dry scalp. GSP-T® protects against free radicals. AQUARICH® supplies valuable regenerative substances, creates volume and shine while reducing static. ALOE VERA balances moisture loss resulting in silky, managable hair. The 5.5 pH-value is especially scalp-friendly.

Available in 1000ml, 250ml and 50ml


COLOUR REFLEX SHAMPOO – magnifies the brilliance of colours

Colour Reflex is a special shampoo for colour treated hair, including bleach and tone color formulations. The cleansing substances are mild and will not reduce moisture. Amino acids make the hair silky, detangle and reduce static charging. GSP-T® protects against free radicals. The pH-value 5.5 is ideal for the scalp. Above all, SOLAMAR GR8 prevents the destruction and fading of hair colour. Colour Reflex Shampoo gives long-lasting radiance and exceptional shine again and again.

Available in 1000ml and 250ml


STRUCTURE REPAIR SHAMPOO – nurturing care for stressed hair

Structure Shampoo is specifically for dry, brittle, extremely stressed and unmanageable hair. The active ingredients treat the hair and scalp in an especially gentle way. GSP-T® protects against free radicals. PRO-KERATIN supplies hair with regenerative substances, repairs porous zones and gives hair new elasticity and volume. Pro-Vitamin B ensures a healthy moisture balance and the 5.5 pH-value is ideal for the scalp.

Available in 1000ml and 250ml